Intelligent communication design can change behaviours - and communities. In a world where media access is rapidly becoming ubiquitous, it’s time to leverage modern ICTs and media channels to accelerate behaviour change for the social and economic development of communities everywhere. That’s where Ideosync comes in.  Ideosync works towards integrating innovative communication methodologies into development and social change programmes and initiatives; and to equip communities and NGOs with an understanding of communication techniques and technologies. Ideosync envisions a world where all communities are empowered with communication and information sharing skills, tools, technology and infrastructure, enabling them to  not just access and use information, but to also create and share their knowledge with other communities, nationally and internationally.  We develop communication strategies to support development initiatives; produce media content - print, audio, video and multimedia - to support those strategies; conduct formative and impact research to assess the implementation and response to the strategy and media products; and train communities and development workers to take control of communication processes and technologies.
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